If you would have told me I was was going to design a new Bike Stop logo for Philadelphias oldest leather/bear/sports bar in the city I would have said your crazy. With that said the Bike Stop is now under new management and ironic enough I’ve known them for a while. Robert and Shawn Porter in April approached me at the Liberty Bears Art Show and asked if I’d be willing to re-design the Bike Stop iconic logo. They both felt that my art would be a perfect fit for the Bike Stop. We discussed what it meant to the community and what it means to bring in familiar and new customers with a new image and message. The Bike Stop has themes running through it and if you’ve been there you know what I’m referring to. There’s the Pit, Main Bar, and the Short Stop. The Bike Stop has all kinds of flavors but, the idea was to capture these themes so people identify with them. If your a dudes dude but, aren’t into leather then maybe you want to hang in the Main Bar with Michael Casey. If your a Flyer’s fan then look no further David at the Short Stop will hook you up. It was a real pleasure working with the guys and it seems the new owners and the community have taken a liking to the Bound In Ink look of the Bike Stop.