What is Bound In Ink?

Bound In Ink is a collection of work that captures the stories of experiences, life, love, and loss.  100% Beef Magazine described  Bound In Ink  as being “Reminiscent at first glance, of one of those fantastic Frank Miller graphic novels.  Filled with dreamlike scenarios featuring naked, hairy masculine hunks, doing all sorts of beautifully twisted things, involving pain, pleasure, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Some viewers have described Bound In Ink as “Delightfully twisted and deviant.” While other have said Bound In Ink is “Sharp, sexy, and visceral.” JrBears drawings allow us to peer into the artist’s secret desires and invites us to examine our own.  JrBears work has been featured all along the east coast. He has also has a piece archived at the Leather Archives Museum in Chicago.  This year Bound In Ink is going to be featured in an anthology book entitled Hair: Hairy Men In Gay Art published by Bruno Gmunder.